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Ben, a football fan, transfers land, by deed, to Alpha University. Alpha Telecommunications Corporation employs seven thousand workers in three states. Gallo was found to have acted in bad faith in registering its trademark d. Where no price is fixed in a contract of sale of goods, under section 9 of the Sale of Goods Act, a the buyer shall pay the maximum price b the buyer shall pay the lowest price c the buyer shall pay a reasonable price d the buyer shall pay the price as demanded by the seller.

A contract of sale of goods under section 5 of the Sale of Goods Act, may provide for a immediate payment and immediate delivery b delivery of goods and payment by instalments c either a or b d only a and not b.

Which of the following statements is true. Mike buys 1, shares of National stock. This refers to where any communications should be sent or which parties are responsible for the contract.

Before she enters the hospital, Sara gives her concert piano to a good friend who is also a pianist and has the piano transported to the friend's home. USA Computer Corporation requires all distributors of its products to sell the products at specified minimum prices.

The garnished wages would be applied to satisfy the debt owed to the creditor. All of the above e. One week later, the new product is announced, the price of the stock increases, and Mike sells his shares for a profit.

Business Law Questions & Answers by State

Solved December 12, Review case 3. For example, a Sale by finder of lost goods under certain circumstances Sec. MiniCo decides to resist. The duty of fixing value for the goods, under section 10 of the Sale of Goods Act, a can be delegated by the valuer b can be delegated by the valuer with the consent of the buyer c cannot be delegated by the valuer d can be delegated by the valuer with the leave of the court.

To avoid liability for any further acts done by this agent, the principal must give: But by virtue of this provision proviso to Sec. For purposes of federal court jurisdiction, the citizenship of Interstate is the same as the citizenship of a.

The holders of cumulative preference shares are entitled to arrears of dividend if there is a surplus after return of equity capital.

Rules regarding transfer of title on sale

First State Bank merges with Community Bank. The electrician accidentally started a fire that destroyed her house. Section 9 of the Sale of Goods Act, provides for fixing the price of goods a by the contract itself b in the manner agreed upon by the parties c in the course of dealing between the parties d either a or b or c.

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York Law Examination. These sample questions include at least one question in each of the of a business corporation may be removed: (a) Only by vote of the shareholders and only for cause.

and sale. (b) Yes, until the foreclosure sale takes place. (c) Yes, until 10 days after the foreclosure sale takes place. (d) No, because once a. 2 Answers | Asked in Bankruptcy, Criminal Law, Employment Law and Business Law on Sep 16, Answered on Sep 16, Timothy Denison 's answer Highly unlikely that you can reopen and get dropped, although you may be able to expunge from your record in a couple years.

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Mcq sales business law
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